Call Center Sales Manager for Active B2B

-------------Seeking Call Center Sales Manager for Active B2B Lead Generation Campaign for ------------------------

-US-Based Financial Services Company 

The appropriate candidate has experience managing campaigns to the US market. 
Primary duty is managing telemarketing agents including overseeing their 
performance, providing support, and ensuring they meet campaign objectives. 
The position works on US hours and the appropriate candidate will earn a base 
salary and monthly performance incentives.
Key Skills Required and Must Have 2 years of Experience on Call Center Leadership 

  • Training and Onboarding: Provide comprehensive training to new agents to familiarize them with the product, sales techniques, objection handling, and compliance guidelines. Continuously update their skills through ongoing training programs and workshops. 
  • Setting Clear Goals and Expectations: Clearly communicate campaign goals, performance expectations, and key metrics to your agents. Establish individual and team targets that are challenging yet attainable, and regularly track progress to keep agents motivated. 
  • Performance Monitoring and Feedback: Implement a system to monitor and evaluate agent performance. Use call recordings, call monitoring, and call metrics to provide constructive feedback on areas of improvement. Recognize and reward exceptional performance to boost morale. 
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Provide regular coaching and mentoring sessions to address individual agent challenges and help them improve their skills. Offer guidance on objection handling, closing techniques, and effective communication strategies. 
  • Motivation and Team Building: Foster a positive and motivating work environment. Encourage healthy competition, recognize achievements, and provide incentives or rewards for meeting or exceeding targets. Promote teamwork and collaboration through team-building activities. 
  • Communication and Collaboration: Maintain open lines of communication with your telemarketing agents. Conduct regular team meetings to discuss progress, share best practices, and address concerns. Encourage agents to share their insights and suggestions for improving campaign performance. 
  • Time and Task Management: Help agents prioritize their tasks and manage their time effectively. Utilize the resources at hand to manage their workflow, such as call scripts, dialer, and CRM. Regularly review their workload to ensure it is manageable and balanced. 

Emotional Intelligence: Develop strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to understand and connect with agents on an individual level. Show empathy, provide support, and foster a positive work culture. 
Continuous Training and Development: Encourage agents to enhance their skills and knowledge through ongoing training and self improvement opportunities. 
Performance Recognition and Career Growth: Along with company stakeholders, implement a performance recognition program to acknowledge and reward agents who consistently excel. Provide opportunities for career growth within the organization, such as promotion to team leader or supervisor roles. 

Additional Management Team members in US include Finance Manager, Dialer Manager, CRM 
Manager/Developer, CEO and COO. Kosovo based senior team includes onsite Operations 

Manager and County Manager.

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