Social Media Content Creator (TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Specialist)

Position Overview:

We are in search of a versatile and imaginative Social Media Content Creator who specializes in crafting content for TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook platforms. As the TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Specialist, you will play a pivotal role in conceptualizing, creating, and managing captivating content that resonates with our target audience, aligns with our brand identity, and elevates our online presence across these three prominent social media platforms.

Key Responsibilities:

Multi-Platform Content Strategy:

Develop and execute innovative content concepts, challenges, and trends for TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, ensuring brand consistency and alignment with our voice and objectives.

Create engaging short-form videos for TikTok, visually appealing graphics for Instagram, and informative posts for Facebook.

Strategic Planning:

Collaborate closely with the marketing team to create a comprehensive content strategy encompassing TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, ensuring synergy with broader marketing initiatives.

Stay updated on the latest trends, features, and algorithms of these platforms, adapting strategies to maintain relevance.

Content Production and Editing:

Coordinate and execute video shoots for TikTok, overseeing all stages from ideation and storyboarding to filming and direction to ensure compelling and on-brand content.

Edit video content for TikTok, design visually appealing graphics for Instagram, and create engaging posts for Facebook.

Community Engagement:

Monitor and respond to comments, messages, and interactions across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, fostering a sense of community and encouraging engagement.

Collaborate with influencers and engage with user-generated content to amplify brand presence and drive interaction.

Performance Analytics and Insights:

Track performance metrics on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, analyzing key indicators like engagement rates, follower growth, likes, shares, comments, and click-through rates.

Regularly provide data-driven reports and insights on content performance, and use findings to propose optimization strategies.

Collaboration and Cross-Channel Integration:

Work collaboratively with various teams including graphic designers, videographers, and marketing professionals to ensure consistent branding and messaging across platforms.

Contribute to cross-channel marketing campaigns that leverage TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook content for maximum impact.

Qualifications and Skills:

Proven experience as a Social Media Content Creator specializing in TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook content.

Proficiency in video creation and editing tools, as well as graphic design software commonly used for content creation.

Strong creative thinking for generating engaging content ideas across different platforms.

In-depth understanding of TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook trends, challenges, and best practices.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills for effective representation of the brand.

Familiarity with social media analytics and metrics to assess content performance.

Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, managing tasks independently and collaboratively.

A portfolio showcasing your TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook content creations will be highly advantageous.


To apply for the role of Social Media Content Creator (TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Specialist), please submit your CV, a cover letter detailing your experience in content creation for all three platforms, and a portfolio showcasing your best TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook content.


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