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Job description/Her responsibilities shall mainly include the following: 

  • Preparing documents that are due for payment (obtaining comparative offers, creating award notices, price research, creating fee on cooperation agreements, translation of all documents relevant to billing):
  • Checking and carrying out payments/and monitoring transfer processing:
  • Cash book, cash payments, cash flow and cash inventory protocol, monthly reporting of cash balances to the country director in Kosovo:
  • Monthly and annual financial reports (Winpaces Accounting);
  • Billing of monthly country office and partner expenses (Winpaces 4)
  • Cost monitoring according to the current annual plan;
  • Preparation of all relevant documents for monthly and annual financial accounting (seminar lists, inventory lists, transfer certificates, endorsements, contracts, etc.);
  • Administration and maintenance of project internal systems for financial monitoring according to organizational regulations (Maril);
  • Preparation for conducting the external audit;
  • Correspondence and cooperation with the auditor before, during and after the annual audits;
  • Salary and fee statements and payment of all taxes, social security contributions and other takes according to the legal regulations in the project country
  • Obtaining tax statements and confirmations from Kosovo,
  • Preparation of monthly and annual tax statements for office workers (income statement), field workers (fee recipients) in and outside the country
  • Being ready to travel abroad to the other offices of DVV International in the European region and Germany, and to participate in the personal training for the use of the program. Winpaces Accounting (Winpaces 4)Support of the country director in the annual budget planning and all other tasks relevant to the project from the financial planning and accounting area. 

Required educational background and experience

  • Personal CV (Only in German or English Languages)
  • Qualification Bachelor degree
  • At least 3 years of working experience as Accountant, in the local NGOs or foreign organisations in Kosovo;
  • Proven experience as Accountant for projects and relevant activities;
  • Knowledge of languages: Albanian, German, English, (desired),


All interested persons for this job position can send their CV_s until 21.08.2022 to the e-mail address; After our selection of the three best CVs, you will be invited to an interview, when you also must to bring with yourself your original documents  and   evidences for your education and experience.

Working hours for position - Accountant are 40 hours per week (8 hours per day), monthly salary is

Netto-905.70 EUR.

Ramadan Alija-Country Director, DVV International-Kosovo. Str. Rexhep Malo, No.26, Prishtina, 10 000, Kosova

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