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Sterling Bookkeepers
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We are a US based firm, specializing in financial accounting and tax compliance for US small businesses.  We are in a growth mode and are looking for an accounting professional who is an expert in financial accounting and QuickBooks Online.

We are looking for a permanent associate who is willing to grow with us.  Although you will be working remotely, the job role requires that you dedicate 4-5 hours a day with approximately 20-25 hours a week.  It is important that daily schedule is consistent, since the associate will be working alongside senior manager.

The job description includes the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Expert in financial accounting, QBO, Dropbox and Google Workspace apps
  • Fluent in speaking, reading and writing English
  • Performing 4 to 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, of bookkeeping and accounting work
  • Reconcile financial accounts accordingly, i.e. checking, credit card, loans, etc.
  • Create bank rules to auto-categorize all electronic financial transactions feeding to QBO
  • Reviewing posted checks via online banking and reconciling accordingly in QBO
  • Reconciling recurring payroll, including salaries & wages and payroll taxes
  • Performing adjusted journal entries, when needed
  • Produce monthly financial reports, including profit & loss and balance sheet
  • Exporting financial data, including bank statements and financial reports and archiving them to Dropbox for recordkeeping purposes

This is a permanent position at $5/hour.  Please apply only if interested in a long term relationship and if meeting the above job criteria. There will be a 1 month unpaid training offered by watching pre-rerecorded training tutorials, and performing preliminary accounting work before the official offer is extended. During training if your professional development does not meet our minimum standards the offer will not be extended. 

Please submit your CV/Professional Bio and qualifying credentials via Telegreafi portal.

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