Digital PR Intern

The right person for this program will:

  • Be 20+ years old
  • Be fluent in English (Writing & Speaking)
  • Be detail-oriented, organized, engaging, and proactive
  • Be tech-savvy (or at least not afraid of using new tools)
  • Be eager to learn and accept challenges
  • Have a good attitude
  • Be a recent graduate or a current student studying Marketing, Business, Journalism, Communication, English Language, or related field.
  • Be able to commit long-term to a successful career in Digital Marketing at Manaferra
  • Last but not least, share the same vision with us: a world where we utilise the power of search to create value and help businesses grow


Do not apply if you

  • Are not willing to spend your off-time reading, testing, and doing things to improve your knowledge & capabilities
  • Don't have a firm belief in being Transparent, Empathic, Trustful, Eager to learn, and Committed to results
  • Have no interest in working hard from start to finish on every task you are assigned
  • Have no patience & long-term commitment to grow long-term
  • Are not able to teach yourself new things, fast
  • Give up easily and have no self-confidence
  • Put your EGO & Money above everything else!


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