In-Country Facilitator/Green Border Security Initiative Representative

An individual who has higher professional education or field experience (10+ years preferred), excellent knowledge of Albanian, Macedonian and English languages can apply for a position of In-Country Facilitator (ICF) / Breen Border Security Initiative (GBSI) Representative. Preference will be given to an individual who has extensive Border Police or law enforcement experience in positions related to the use of law enforcement equipment and experience coordinating with Customs the importation of equipment into North Macedonia either commercially or through a Government Assistance Program. The appointment to/dismissal from the position of ICF/GBSI Rep is the authority of Project Manager. ICF/GBSI Rep routinely reports to the Project Manager and assigned Project Engineer. 


Provides support to the Project Manager and DOE Country Manager to coordinate with local government agencies and support the process to obtain a Value Added Tax (VAT) and import duty exemption for the program. Provide inspection and functionality testing of imported equipment and provide assistance in obtaining logistics support either for visitors to North Macedonia or other general activities.

Required skills:

  • have good knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • ability to find and coordinate with local logistics subcontractors.
  • ability to speak and coordinate with North Macedonian government agencies as required.
  • have a good knowledge of law enforcement interdiction equipment.
  • be fluent in written and verbal forms in Albanian, Macedonian and English languages.


Essential job responsibilities:

  • work with the local legal firm and support the VAT and Customs Duty exemptions; 
  • support the import of project equipment ensuring that no VAT or Customs duty is paid;
  • coordinate with the North Macedonian Border Police and any other required government agency and build positive relationships;
  • coordinate meetings between U.S. DOE and the Border Police/other stakeholders as requested;
  • participates in meetings with the U.S. DOE and stakeholders as required;
  • prepare correspondence and attend meetings to coordinate with North Macedonian stakeholders.
  • provide status updates on discussions between U.S. DOE and stakeholders as required;
  • contact and coordinate required local resources to support required logistics support;
  • translation of informal documents as required;
  • receipt inspection and functional testing of project supplied equipment;
  • equipment training coordination and support;

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