Nursing and Medical Specialists in Southern Germany

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Job Positions for Nursing and Medical Specialists in Southern Germany

Location: Baden-Württemberg & Bavaria/ Southern Germany.

From large hospitals, clinics, and sports doctors to sanatoriums and home care and day care.

In the trial period: Starting €17.50 per hour plus allowances. 

After the probationary period, permanent employment relationship: €3,300 to €4,800 gross plus allowances.

There are various surcharges: Sunday work 25%, night work 20% Annual bonuses: yes. Varies depending on the employer Accommodations: Accommodations will be provided.

Further training: There are in-house training courses. Every further training in the nursing sector is paid or supported.


A. General health and nursing care:

B. Pediatric nursing:

C. Elderly care:

D. Psychiatric Nursing:

E. Anesthesia care:

F. Intensive care:

G. Surgical care:

H. Outpatient nursing:

I. Case management:

J. Nursing education:

aa. Oncology nursing:

bb. Palliative care

cc. Pain management:

dd. Wound management

ee. Ostomy care:

ff. Diabetes management:

gg. Geriatrics:

hh. Urology:

ii.     Gynecology:

jj. Obstetrics:

kk. Pediatrics:

ll. Neurology:


To apply, you can send your CV directly to or contact us at +38349238047 or +38345484017.

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