Market Researcher German Language/Gjuhë Gjermane

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Market Researcher German Language/Gjuhë Gjermane (Gjakovë)

Get in touch with us if you think you are a match for the requirements below:

  • preferable B2 or C1 pro of German language
  • outgoing and enthusiastic;
  • very good communication skills and highly motivated;
  • available for and want flexible working hours
  • would like to work in an established international market research company


Role and Responsibilities

  • Conduct market research in compliance with international standards;
  • The research is conducted using CATI model and covers a wide range of B2B or B2C respondents.
  • Receiving all respondent responses without exception based in the questionnaire;
  • High-level narrative during the interview process;
  • Treatment of the respondent with the utmost care and behavior;
  • Continuous improvement of interview quality;
  • Reaching the target according to the company requirements;

Deadline: until 05 August 2020.

Apply online at: 

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